What is the Brainwash Project?

This is a project for everyone interested in the state of women’s magazines. I am not satisfied that the majority of mags out there for women are focused primarily on sex, boys and appearance. I want to work with YOU to create a magazine that truly represents what is important in our lives and that is enjoyable, not depressing.

I have spent the last ten years reading women’s magazines that re-hash the same old topics and present them as fresh and important month after month. I hate it. As a woman I feel insulted that this is what females have been presumed to want in magazines. And I don’t think I’m alone.

For the past four months I’ve been rifling through women’s magazines cutting out articles that drive me mad and noting trends and common tricks employed throughout. I’ve also been researching online and applying for numerous scholarships, fellowships and grants to help this project get off the ground. I’ve trawled through hundreds of online magazines looking for what is good and what is bad – I like to think that I represent a vast proportion of women who want more from their magazines.

What I need now is your help to decide what should go in OUR magazine. I need your suggestions, advice and concerns because I’m dedicating this magazine to YOU!

Every single person who supports this project by donating to my Pozible campaign will be given access to an exclusive online space that will serve as a discussion board for your half of the magazine. It will be a place where you can put forward ideas for articles/design/values and imagery as well as a place for me to get your opinion on big decisions like the cover design.

I know that we can make an incredible magazine that is everything the current mainstream women’s magazines aren’t – inclusive, empowering, intellectually stimulating and fresh.

Together WE have the power to create change and make something worth giving to daughters, nieces, sisters, cousins and friends.