Marie Clare South Africa photoshops Kate Middleton

Marie Clare South Africa has released its August edition with a fake portrayal of Kate Middleton on the cover. The magazine used her real head, superimposed on a different woman’s body.

In defense of their actions, Editor Aspasia Karras said this:

“We have honoured her [Middleton] with a fan-art tribute, dressing her up in clothes by South African designers and placing her in all sorts of fun, everyday situations.”

Admittedly, I find that a bit strange. Ms Middleton never actually was in any of those situations, nor is her body even on the cover.

Ms Karras went on to say that “Kate Middleton is, without a doubt, the world’s new style icon.”

If that were correct then surely a picture of the real Kate wearing clothing that she had personally chosen would make more sense?

The only good part about this story is that a small disclaimer was in the magazine saying that Kate Middleton never had worn the clothes she was pictured in.

What do you think about it?

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