The Brainwash Project on The Foreverthings

Make sure to check out what writer Cassie McBlane thinks about the Brainwash Project by checking out her post about it here: the brainwash project..


Jess Barlow, a fellow Australian writer, is on a mission to change women’s magazines for the future good. Modern publications for females tend to stick to the rehashed hype of boys, sex and all things beauty, and Jessica is on the mission to alter the face of these stereotypical reads.

I’m already hooked on the idea of finally having some interesting and useful reads, that won’t continuously tell me how to lose weight, what not to eat and when, how to do my hair how people want me to do my hair and how my sexual life should be played out. Enter, The Brainwash Project.

Self-funded and completely determined by her own self, The Brainwash Project is a prototype for a future women’s publication that is typically created by you. What you want to read, hear about, look at or write, will be a part of the final design. This is the future of proper publications. No more shallow, re-used articles on demoralising subjects. This is a chance for females to have proper rights in the media and publication industry, with the production of a respectful women’s magazine.