50% of funding goal reached

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment- the Pozible Crowdfunding Campaign I have running for the Brainwash Magazine hit $2006 worth of pledges today. That’s over half of what I’m asking for. For those unfamiliar with Pozible, it’s a website where people can make donations to projects run by others. You get 90 days to get as many pledges towards a pre-set target as you can. Now here’s where it gets risky, if you don’t reach your target in 90 days, even if you’re just a dollar short, you don’t get any of the money pledged by others.

For this reason, most people set their target lower than it really is. The Brainwash Project campaign is no different. While the target is set at $4000, this is simply the minimum amount required. The amount I really need to produce to a top-notch quality magazine with all the trimmings – without involving advertisers – is $10,000.

Despite this, it’s pretty exciting to have reached the halfway mark to my minimum target just ten days after the campaign was started. It only makes me hope even more that the campaign will be a roaring success and I’ll have the chance to create a great magazine for young girls.

Check out the Pozible campaign here. Even if you can’t donate, I’d love if you shared it amongst friends and family, or even on your Facebook wall. Every little bit helps and I’d be oh so grateful 🙂