Let’s stop airbrushing in magazines – sign the petition

In high school I would get upset after reading magazines like Cleo because I didn’t look like any of the girls on the pages. I cancelled plans to meet friends, and was afraid of being excluded like some others in my grade because I didn’t look “perfect” like the girls in the magazines.

My friends and I looked up to the models in Cleo magazine. It was one of the most popular among my classmates. But what we didn’t know is that many of the images of women in the magazine are digitally altered to make them skinny and blemish free.

The altered pictures make readers question their weight, appearance and self-worth. They teach us that to be “pretty” you have to be thin and have perfect skin. Studies now show that these damaging images can lead to eating disorders, dieting and depression.

Distorting and editing the appearances of models in magazines is distorting the mental health of girls who read magazines that engage in these practices.

Public pressure is building across the world for magazines to stop altering images of girls. In the US a teenager convinced Seventeen Magazine to publish one unaltered spread a month after thousands joined her petition. Now I want Cleo to do the same for their readers.

I want Cleo to stop selling images that hurt girls and break our self-esteem. Let us see real faces and real shapes in at least one photo spread a month — and always put a warning symbol on any image that has been altered.

It’s time to put an end to the digitally enhanced, unrealistic beauty we see in the pages of magazines.

Please sign my petition to Cleo Magazine editors calling on them to give us images of real girls in their magazines. It only takes a minute to do, not even, and if enough of us band together like the girls in the US we have a real chance of making magazines a safer place for girls.

To sign the petition, click here.

You can also leave Cleo editors a message on Facebook here: http://on.fb.me/NnIZqQ and on Twitter here: http://bit.ly/NnJ3qE

To help convince Cleo to get on board, I have launched the “Brainwash Project”, which involves the presentation of this petition along with edition one of a new magazine showing what young females want and need in their magazines. To complete it, I need as much help as I can get, please visit: http://pozible.com/brainwashproject for more information or to donate to help fund the printing of the magazine.