Who are the Brainwash Project paper people?

The reason for the Paper People that are associated with this project, is to illuminate how unrealistic it is to lust after a different appearance to our own. The paper people symbolise the product of all the ‘ideal’ body parts we are repeatedly shown in women’s magazines. We lust after those lips, that hair colour, her eyes and that dress. Yet if you put together all these supposedly perfect parts, the combination will never be as right as the way you look naturally.

The other reason for the Paper People was to highlight how easy it is to change an appearance using Photoshop or even just old magazines and scissors like I have. Magazines commonly airbrush their models such that the models themselves wish they looked like their own picture. The problem is that at the moment, magazines don’t have to tell us when they do this and resultingly, it has lead to many girls having an unrealistic expectation of beauty and negative thoughts about their own appearance.

I hope these Paper People serve as a reminder of the harm that is repeatedly inflicted by modern day magazines to generations of women and young girls. The people who read these magazines and repeatedly see these unrealistic bodies are trained to see anything else, including themselves, as not good enough. It is wrong, it is unhealthy and it needs to be stopped.

Here are some images I’ve made using paper people: I regularly update the Brainwash Project Facebook Page with new ones. Let me know what you think!