The aim of the Brainwash Project is to improve the state of women’s magazines, particularly in regards to the way they speak to teenage girls. The project involves the creation of a new women’s mag called Brainwash Magazine and the collection of signatures to present to the editors of Cosmopolitan and Cleo Magazines to stop them digitally altering the appearance of their models. Submissions are currently being collected for inclusion in the first edition of Brainwash Magazine. Please contact me, (Jessica Barlow) the editor of Brainwash Magazine, at thebrainwashproject@gmail.com if you’re interested in submitting.

I’m funding this entire project myself because I think it is important. Despite this, I still need help if I’m going to get the magazine published. I’ve started a Pozible crowdfunding campaign to raise money to afford the printing of the magazine, this will cost upwards of $4000. The trick with the Pozible campaign is that unless I reach my target of $4000 within 90 days, then I won’t receive any of the dollars that have been pledged thus far. So far I’ve received over $2000 in pledges and am hopeful that the campaign will be successful. If you are interested in helping me to create this magazine for teenage girls, please visit: http://www.pozible.com/brainwashproject to donate. If every person that read this page donated $1, the project would be funded in no time!

This blog is dedicated to raising awareness of the Brainwash Project. To do this I will be providing commentary on magazine issues within the media and providing links to content related to body image and self esteem in teenagers. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading 🙂