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Paper People: the documentary

Very soon after I launched The Brainwash Project, I was contacted by Francis Hadid who turned out to be a fledgling movie-maker. I agreed to let her shoot a video about my work… Continue reading

Brainwash encounters body woes

It’s pretty rare to find someone completely satisfied with their body. Ask any girl what she doesn’t like and you’re likely to hear any combination of the following negative statements or ‘fat talk’:… Continue reading

In answer to your comments

As many of you following this project may have noticed, the Brainwash Project, particularly the Cleo Petition, has received a significant amount of media attention in the past few days. With articles going… Continue reading

The ‘one size’ of hotness

The above Levi Jeans Ad campaign started making the rounds through popular women’s magazine earlier this year. Appearing in both Cleo and Cosmopolitan magazines, it shows three very skinny girls with the slogan:… Continue reading

Research linking magazines to body dissatisfaction

The Brainwash Project aims to encourage teenage girls to be critical rather than passive consumers of popular culture – with the ability to accept healthy, positive messages, and reject fake or damaging messages. Too… Continue reading

Body positive playlist time!

It’s always a good time to get a new playlist and it’s even better if it’s one that makes you feel happy. I’ve put together a list of a few songs with body-positive… Continue reading