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The ‘one size’ of hotness

The above Levi Jeans Ad campaign started making the rounds through popular women’s magazine earlier this year. Appearing in both Cleo and Cosmopolitan magazines, it shows three very skinny girls with the slogan:… Continue reading

Cosmopolitan around the world

There were a couple of articles published today that discuss the impact of Cosmopolitan Magazine around the world. One, published by the New York Times, explained the way Cosmopolitan is run and how… Continue reading

Have you heard about Dignitas Magazine?

Sisters Catherine and Abby Pelicano have joined forces and created online quarterly magazine Dignitas to bring a body positive magazine option into the market for women and girls. Their motivation was seeing pictures of… Continue reading

Marie Clare South Africa photoshops Kate Middleton

Marie Clare South Africa has released its August edition with a fake portrayal of Kate Middleton on the cover. The magazine used her real head, superimposed on a different woman’s body. In defense… Continue reading

Seventeen Magazine: promise or cop out?

Mere days ago, the editor of Seventeen Magazine in the US agreed to stop using Photoshop to change the shape of models in the magazine. She was quite literally forced to do this… Continue reading