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Paper People: the documentary

Very soon after I launched The Brainwash Project, I was contacted by Francis Hadid who turned out to be a fledgling movie-maker. I agreed to let her shoot a video about my work… Continue reading

In answer to your comments

As many of you following this project may have noticed, the Brainwash Project, particularly the Cleo Petition, has received a significant amount of media attention in the past few days. With articles going… Continue reading

Cleo petitioned to stop Photoshop

The petition that I am running asking Cleo Magazine to print one unaltered photo spread per month and put disclaimers on images where body shape or appearance is changed, has gained a… Continue reading

Who are the Brainwash Project paper people?

The reason for the Paper People that are associated with this project, is to illuminate how unrealistic it is to lust after a different appearance to our own. The paper people symbolise the… Continue reading

Let’s stop airbrushing in magazines – sign the petition

In high school I would get upset after reading magazines like Cleo because I didn’t look like any of the girls on the pages. I cancelled plans to meet friends, and was afraid… Continue reading

Brainwash Magazine behind the scenes…

What’s it like working to create Brainwash Magazine? Exciting. There’s emails coming in all day, the Facebook and Pozible Crowdfunding pages to maintain, let along all the work involved in preparing every aspect… Continue reading

The Brainwash Project in the Leader Newspaper

If you don’t live in Melbourne you’re likely not to have seen the Brainwash Project featured in an article published by the Knox and Lilydale & Yarra Valley Leader Newspapers yesterday. Check out… Continue reading

50% of funding goal reached

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment- the Pozible Crowdfunding Campaign I have running for the Brainwash Magazine hit $2006 worth of pledges today. That’s over half of what I’m asking for. For… Continue reading

The Brainwash Project on The Foreverthings

Make sure to check out what writer Cassie McBlane thinks about the Brainwash Project by checking out her post about it here:┬áthe brainwash project.. “… Jess Barlow, a fellow Australian writer, is on… Continue reading

Reasons these Cosmo and Cleo articles are bad for your brain

Today I thought it might be a good idea to show those of you who don’t read women’s magazines the calibre of content that is commonly seen. I flicked through a few Cosmopolitan… Continue reading