Want to write for Brainwash Magazine?

Brainwash Magazine Contributor guidelines Brainwash Magazine is looking for articles that speak to teenage girls aged between 13 and 18. It is a magazine that aims to be inclusive of all body shapes,… Continue reading

What is the Brainwash Project?

This is a project for everyone interested in the state of women’s magazines. I am not satisfied that the majority of mags out there for women are focused primarily on sex, boys and… Continue reading

Paper People: the documentary

Very soon after I launched The Brainwash Project, I was contacted by Francis Hadid who turned out to be a fledgling movie-maker. I agreed to let her shoot a video about my work… Continue reading

Brainwash encounters body woes

It’s pretty rare to find someone completely satisfied with their body. Ask any girl what she doesn’t like and you’re likely to hear any combination of the following negative statements or ‘fat talk’:… Continue reading

In answer to your comments

As many of you following this project may have noticed, the Brainwash Project, particularly the Cleo Petition, has received a significant amount of media attention in the past few days. With articles going… Continue reading

Cleo petitioned to stop Photoshop

The Change.org petition that I am running asking Cleo Magazine to print one unaltered photo spread per month and put disclaimers on images where body shape or appearance is changed, has gained a… Continue reading

The ‘one size’ of hotness

The above Levi Jeans Ad campaign started making the rounds through popular women’s magazine earlier this year. Appearing in both Cleo and Cosmopolitan magazines, it shows three very skinny girls with the slogan:… Continue reading

Who are the Brainwash Project paper people?

The reason for the Paper People that are associated with this project, is to illuminate how unrealistic it is to lust after a different appearance to our own. The paper people symbolise the… Continue reading

Let’s stop airbrushing in magazines – sign the petition

In high school I would get upset after reading magazines like Cleo because I didn’t look like any of the girls on the pages. I cancelled plans to meet friends, and was afraid… Continue reading

Brainwash Project coming to a letterbox near you…

The Brainwash Project is mentioned in the print version of the Knox Leader Newspaper this week. It is being delivered to letterboxes throughout Knox – I happened to get mine a night early… Continue reading

Research linking magazines to body dissatisfaction

The Brainwash Project aims to encourage teenage girls to be critical rather than passive consumers of popular culture – with the ability to accept healthy, positive messages, and reject fake or damaging messages. Too… Continue reading

Brainwash Magazine behind the scenes…

What’s it like working to create Brainwash Magazine? Exciting. There’s emails coming in all day, the Facebook and Pozible Crowdfunding pages to maintain, let along all the work involved in preparing every aspect… Continue reading